Orange Unsigned Act

Orange Unsigned Act

Lighting Rig and Flight Cases

Orange Unsigned Act was a talent competition shown on Channel Four’s weekend slot T4, in which unsigned artists compete for a recording contract with Universal Music.

Based on the concept and visuals provided by the client, Berry Place were approached by marketing agency Iris to create a lighting rig and flight cases spelling out the words ‘Orange Unsigned Act’. These large structures were used predominately throughout the series opening credits, as set dressing during interviews and also featured in supporting promotional press activity.

The lighting rig, which featured the word ‘Orange’ in backlit Perspex letters, was designed to mimic a stage lighting gantry. The main structure being assembled from scaffolding components and fixings and suspended from the ceiling on chains.

Each of the individual light-tight letter-shaped boxes were made from CNC milled MDF and plywood, with screen-printed acrylic matched to Orange’s brand colour inserted in the front. The lights inside could be easily adjusted or replaced, being accessible via a panel on the rear of each box.

The stage light casings were in fact dummies and were used to mount the letters onto the scaffold. The boxes were ventilated and LED cluster bulbs were utilised to keep heat output low and comply with fire regulations. The accompanying ‘Unsigned Act’ was spelled out using large letter-shaped flight cases similar to the ones used for transporting stage equipment.

The cases were made in much the same way as real ones, using authentic materials and fittings, with the exception of additional corner protectors, which had to be custom made to precisely accommodate the more acute angles on some of the letters.

This was achieved simply by vac forming new ones over a machined pattern and matching the finish to the real parts.The letter shaped panels themselves were machined by an outside contractor due to their considerable size. The largest (letter ‘A’) being 5ft 6inches tall (1,800mm). Completely hollow, they could be opened and closed as a normal case and were illuminated with orange light from within when appearing on the show.

Client – Iris
End Client – Orange
Photography – Simon Bremner

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