BBC YMA 2018 Update

Congratulations to pianist Lauren Zhang who won the BBC Young Musician Awards 2018 Grand Final, overwhelming the judges with her magical performance of Prokofiev's Piano Concerto no.2. op.16.

Semi Final winners - Strings - Maxim Calver (cello), Brass - Isobel Daws (trombone), woodwind - Robert Burton (Saxophone), Keyboard - Lauren Zhang (piano), Percussion - Matthew Brett (percussion), with Robert and Maxim also going through to the Grand Final.


BBC Young Musician 2018 

Now in its 40th year, BBC Young Musician is a unique experience for talented performers, not only offering the thrill and challenge of a competition but an invaluable learning and self-promotional opportunity, with the chance of ultimately launching their desired musical career.

The concerts held at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire will be broadcast during April and May on BBC Four and BBC Radio 3. Twenty-five young hopefuls compete to win the Category Final trophies, and after going on to perform live with a professional orchestra, one lucky winner will take home the Grand Final trophy.

Berry Place was commissioned to design and manufacture a new series of trophies for this year’s competition. Contrasting aesthetics were created for the category and Grand Final awards, with both reflecting the pre-established graphic elements of competition’s branding.

Essentially the same design aside from its larger size, the Grand Final trophy was given a superior feel in mirror polished stainless steel and walnut, while the category awards sport a striking custom colour-cast acrylic and anodised aluminium finish, each presented in a bespoke satin lined box.

Berry Place has also created the BBC Young Jazz Musician award which will be presented later in the year.
For dates and further info on BBC Young Musician visit:

Client: BBC


Jo Loves Valentines Window

Berry Place is delighted to have recently completed a captivating display piece, for Jo Loves London boutique.

Installed in time for the Valentine’s Day crowds, a giant perfume bottle sculpture, bordered by roses and lemon leaves, entices shoppers to the window of the luxury fragrance brands flagship store in Belgravia.

Designed to also be viewable from inside the store, the display was created from 64 real bottles of Jo Loves fragrance, strategically arranged to assume a larger facsimile of the bottle it is created from, complete with replica cap and three dimensional labels to front and rear faces.

A base structure of clear acrylic platforms was fabricated to position the glass bottles and support their considerable weight, while not visually distracting from the bottles themselves.

Due to a permanent structure inside the window not being load bearing, a folded steel plinth was also created to bridge the area, supporting and elevating the 36 kilo sculpture.

Client: Jo Loves. @jolovesofficial



Occasionally Berry Place has the opportunity to work on exceptional art pieces, helping engineer extraordinary concepts to produce something truly unique.

Many obstacles have to be overcome to bring a design into the physical world, while keeping the final result in line with the artist’s vision. Close collaboration is vital in achieving this.

Berry Place worked intently with Kacper Hamilton Studio to develop and ultimately create the ‘Temple’ chandelier, an exclusive light sculpture portraying the inaccessible mysticism of ancient religious architecture.

Thirty seven hand blown glass forms arranged in precise geometry evoke ancient Egyptian design, suspended on a spun brass platter it appears to float, having a celestial quality when fully illuminated.

Each frosted  glass element is individually lit from underneath via a programmable custom controlled LED board, allowing dimming adjustment and RGB colour changing on the outer ring. Electrics are contained within the 1m custom spun brass dish so the hanging support structure is visually minimal, contributing to its gravity deifying appearance.

Two custom made flight cases safely transported the chandeliers individual components to New York, where it debuted at The Salon Art + Design Fair 2017, an annual showcase of contemporary works from International artists and designers.

Client: Kacper Hamilton / Priveekollektie
Photography: Copyright © Kate Anglestein


Drapers Awards and Independents 2017

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s eye catching Drapers Independents Awards, showcasing the very best of independent fashion retailing…

…And good luck to the finalists for the upcoming Drapers Awards.

Client: Emap Events


Little Balloon Doggy’s #SpecialSomeone

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare and rehoming charity, is currently running an awareness campaign to highlight the sad truth that dogs in rehoming centres are waiting longer than ever to be adopted by a caring new owner.

 ‘Little Balloon Doggy’ tells the story of one dog, Paddy, and his #SpecialSomeone.
Using balloon dogs as a metaphor for dogs waiting in Dogs Trust centres, the ad shows what would happen if they could send a message to their destined owners, encouraging dog lovers to consider a rescue dog first, and changing common perceptions of rescue dogs in the UK.

To further advocate this message at public events, Paddy was to accompany Dogs Trust fundraisers at their side in the form of a life size balloon sculpture as seen in the video.
In order to withstand travelling around the country to events for up to 12 months, utilising real balloons was not possible and so had to be made of something more durable.

Using photographic reference of a real balloon dog used in the campaign video a 3D CAD model was created for proofing. From this data components were 3D printed to create a dog that was 50cm tall assembled, about the same scale as the real balloon versions.

This collection of parts were used to create resin copies via two part silicone tooling, to create all the pieces required to produce ten complete balloon dogs.
 Due to the complexity of any balloon animal, with its intertwining knotted shapes, the dogs had to be assembled from 28 separate pieces put together in a specific order, a total of 280 parts!

Client: Dogs Trust.


Fenty X Puma > Selfridges

Currently at Sefridges in London, Fenty Puma have launched a new footwear and aparrel fashion range by Rihanna, the singers second collection in collaboration with Puma and her own Fenty fashion brand.

On the 3rd floor of the Oxford Street store, the Womens Designer Studio was transformed using stylised props designed by NON Studio, in line with their overall concept reflecting Fenty’s subtle characteristic use of American high school iconology.

NON Studio entrusted Berry Place to complete installation in an extremely short time period and created many custom setpieces, including bespoke clothes rails, 1.5m tall  ‘F’ Fenty icon, illuminated brand logo, cascading locker display units, and a mirror finished picnic table featuring several smaller props, populated with chrome manniquins.

Client: NON Studio


Where Heroes Become Champions

The ICC Champions Trophy is an exclusive tournament where the best cricketers in the world are pitched against each other in an intense 15 day series of matches.

Sports brand agency Matta devised the inspirational campaign surrounding the games, which communicated that the ‘heroes’ of the cricketing world were descending on England, to battle it out and see who really was the reigning champion.

As part of the campaign to promote the tournament and engage the public, Matta approached Berry Place to devise an interactive installation for the tournament and pre-tournament trophy tour.

The concept characterises the British tale when King Arthur withdrew the sword from the stone to take part in a tournament, only this time it would be a cricket bat that would set the successful candidate apart from the rest and endow them with champion status.

Fans are encouraged to try and lift the legendary golden bat from the stone, but will find it impossible to budge. When a hero comes along, (an ICC Champions player), will they be able to release it..? a fun activity and great picture opportunity for fans during the tournament.

Although a new enquiry for Berry Place, similar rigs have been created before with swords and hammers, but using a cricket bat came with its own set of challenges. Not to go into too much detail and spoil the magic, the prop was designed to dismantle and fold up for easy transportation to its next match event.

Client: MATTA


City & Guilds Lion Awards 2017

City & Guilds provides world leading services for educational and commercial training, helping individuals develop their skills and unlock their potential to progress to their chosen career.

The Lion Awards – City & Guilds most prestigious awards, and often referred to as “Oscars of skills education”, serve to inspire those in further education, but also recognise training providers that have “gone the extra mile” to help their students achieve.

On June 15th, the Lion Awards ceremony took place at London’s delightful Kensington Roof Gardens, hosted by City & Guilds own Kirstie Donnelly who was joined by presenter Louise Minchin (BBC breakfast and Celebrity MasterChef).

This year, Berry Place not only supplied the trophies for the sixth consecutive year, in the familiar but substantial guise of digitally printed and engraved acrylic, but was also called upon to recreate the City & Guilds Lion motif as a podium sculpture for the ceremony.

Also constructed from digitally printed acrylic to complement the trophies, the 1.4m tall Lion was assembled from layers of sheet acrylic to give it greater dimension, and to provide discreet support from a hidden aluminium armature.

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. The lion sculpture was absolutely amazing!

The clients at City & Guilds were delighted with it, so much so, they’re all now fighting over whose office it will go in!

Anyway, it was a massive hit and I know you went through several designs to get it looking that beautiful and being actually portable, so thank you”.

Louise Stevens - Ballistic Events

Client: Ballistic Events / City & Guilds


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