Where Heroes Become Champions

The ICC Champions Trophy is an exclusive tournament where the best cricketers in the world are pitched against each other in an intense 15 day series of matches.

Sports brand agency Matta devised the inspirational campaign surrounding the games, which communicated that the ‘heroes’ of the cricketing world were descending on England, to battle it out and see who really was the reigning champion.

As part of the campaign to promote the tournament and engage the public, Matta approached Berry Place to devise an interactive installation for the tournament and pre-tournament trophy tour.

The concept characterises the British tale when King Arthur withdrew the sword from the stone to take part in a tournament, only this time it would be a cricket bat that would set the successful candidate apart from the rest and endow them with champion status.

Fans are encouraged to try and lift the legendary golden bat from the stone, but will find it impossible to budge. When a hero comes along, (an ICC Champions player), will they be able to release it..? a fun activity and great picture opportunity for fans during the tournament.

Although a new enquiry for Berry Place, similar rigs have been created before with swords and hammers, but using a cricket bat came with its own set of challenges. Not to go into too much detail and spoil the magic, the prop was designed to dismantle and fold up for easy transportation to its next match event.

Client: MATTA

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